Rahul Mehra PhD


Rahul was born in Delhi. He received his bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and his PhD in Bio-Medical Engineering in USA in 1975. He worked as a research scientist in academia and industry. He was granted over 75 patents and has authored over 90 manuscripts and 24 book chapters. When he was responsible for market development of medical devices in India, he realized that the most effective manner to improve the health of the nation is to prevent diseases by educating its youth about healthy lifestyle habits. To fulfill this mission, he started this NGO.

Shalini Behl

Board Member

Shalini Bahl has over 15 years of experience in Marketing Communications, Digital Marketing, and Business Development. She has worked with leading advertising and design agencies in Dubai and Delhi. She has a special interest in promoting education and health.

Gurleen Sawhney PhD

Health Educator & Trainer

Gurleen is a psychologist with over 22 years’ experience with families and children. She has worked as a school student counsellor and assisted them to deal with their psychological, career, social and behavioral concerns. She has worked closely with teachers and parents to understand the students better, motivate them and make them realize their potential. She has done various workshops for teacher and parents on various topics including empowerment and awareness. She has been part of prestigious international programmes for students that propagate holistic development of children. A person sitting on a couch Description automatically generated with medium confidenceA person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with low confidence

Prerna Trivedi

Monitor & Educator

Prerna has a Masters degree in Nutrition & 8 years of experience in implementing health related projects. Her special interest is working with school students for a healthy future generation.
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