What we plan to do?

Our goals


a) Partner with Department of Education in Delhi evaluate the curriculum.

c) Write the Health Education books and teacher’s manuals for all class levels i.e. Class I-XII. 

d) Scale up to different States and Union Territories. Make health education mandatory in every school and grade level in India.

Our timeline


2016-19: Development of the health education curriculum and printing of student books and teacher manuals for Classes 6 & 7 in English and Hindi.

2019-21: Evaluation of the effectiveness of the health education curriculum among Class 6 & 7 students in India. 

2020-21: Influence the department of education to make Health education a mandatory subject. 

2021-2023: Write Health Education student workbooks and Teachers manuals for all class levels. 

2023 onwards: Influence the State governments and Union Territories to adopt the curriculum and make Health Education a mandatory subject across all schools.